Please call us to preorder eggs or beef; keep your distance from us and others while on the farm; do not go into any of our farm buildings, and; please get vaccinated for Covid as you would for any other preventable disease.

Covid is still in our community and we are limiting contact with family, friends and customers to protect ourselves and our community. As long as there are more than 5 new cases daily for every 100,000 people (2 new cases daily in Douglas County), risks of contracting Covid will remain high. While risks are high, we will keep our distance from people outdoors and we will wear masks indoors with people that are not in our bubble regardless of vaccination status. When daily new cases go below these high-risk levels, exposures and generating a spike in cases locally becomes less likely. Unfortunately, as long as people refuse to get vaccinated and refuse to follow general infection control measures, risks of exposure and infection are likely to remain high in Douglas County.

Rockin' h Farm

Alexandria, MN