Generally, the hens stay within a couple hundred feet of their coop; dusting, perching and foraging. They wander into a nearby slough and they explore brush piles. The hens return to their coops regularly during the day. It’s fun to watch them pull worms from the ground, and drink and play in the puddles after a rain. We’ve never lost a bird to a predator; but the hens hunker down when hawks, osprey or bald eagles are in the air.

The hens, as a group, average about 2 eggs every 3 days. There are undoubtedly some freeloaders in the flock – who keep the average productivity down.

Farm-fresh barnyard eggs are available daily from the farm ($3.00/doz), and once every week in the Twin Cities ($3.50/doz).

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Rockin' h Farm

Alexandria, MN

We keep a mix of 1 to 3 year-old red sex-linked (Rhode Island Red : Rhode Island White cross), White Leghorn, and production red (Rhode Island Red : New Hampshire Red) layers. We get large brown eggs from most of our birds; and white eggs from the White Leghorns. The hen house door into the yard is open for them from mid-morning until sunset - whenever the temperature is above freezing. In the summertime we have a portable coop in the pasture with the cattle! Hens can often be seen preening the cattle that are laying down. The hens forage for bugs, seeds and grain to supplement their feed. They love scraps from the house, and come running whenever anyone walks toward their coops. 


Barnyard Chicken